American Softball is a registered Non-Profit Corporation 501[c][3] of the Internal Revenue Code.

While some people may think their challenges might inhibit them from playing a sport they dreamed of, we prove to them that they can do it and make their dream of playing softball a reality.

Every single player gets a chance to hit the ball, run around the bases, and play the field. Before every game, “The Pledge of Allegiance”  is recited and then the team sings  “The Star Spangled Banner”  which inspires the players.

The American Softball Organization is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential; mentally, socially and physically. It helps people to increase their social skills while allowing them a chance to play America’s greatest sport.

Mr. Randy Novick, is the Founder and CEO of American Softball. He comes with a wealth of experience and has improved the lives of many challenged individuals by demonstrating to them that they are capable of becoming a part of the team regardless of their challenges and disabilities. The players themselves can’t even contain their joy when they go on the field. Steve Sullivan from Lifespires Group Homes, is one of the players who really looks forward to coming out to every game. At Saturday’s game, he made five hits. “I like to hit the home runs,” he said. “Randy is a great coach.” Michael Fillyaw from Little Flowers is another player who looks forward to making home runs. And he did so when he went up to bat. “We have a lot of energy.” he said.”I enjoy going up there and batting.” Player Anthony Houston said, “I love softball and the teamwork involved in the game. I play second base and I am also the pitcher. I have been winning a lot of trophies.” Coach Alan Sheinwald said “I stay in coaching because I love the game but l also love helping the players. I find extreme self-satisfaction out of being able to influence positively gifted athletes and help them grow both as people and as athletes.

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The benefits of participating in the American Softball Organization extend beyond the playing field. Everyone, from the players, parents, sponsors, volunteers and fans are impacted and involved. A new form of spirit arises when the players cheer each other. New friendships emerge and they are able to experience a level of support like never before. Coach Michelle Neglia said, “It’s something I just  want to do for the handicapped. They’re really enjoying themselves when they come out to here.”

A new sense of community, commitment and togetherness is awaiting you. Join us!

“As the founder of American Softball, I have created a sports league unlike any other. We have given challenged people a chance to play softball just when they thought it could never be a possibility. Knowing there are thousands of challenged people in the United States, I wanted to provide an opportunity where they felt unstoppable. American Softball improves the quality of life for the players. It’s just a joy to watch a lot of these players come out of their shell and play ball. It gets them involved in an activity that they grow to love.
Our 2017 season was a terrific success. We want to thank our sponsors such as, The Allstate Foundation, The Heisman Foundation,                           Nicholas Val Napolitano Memorial Fund, New York City, The New York Mets, Modell’s, Plumbers Union Local 1, New York Community Bank,                  The New York Yankees, New York  Families For Autistic Children Foundation, Keller Williams Realty  and all those who have donated their time and money to this worthy cause. With your continued support, we hope to further expand membership in the league next year and in the future open additional locations in New York City and around the country. Our players are truly special and we are proud to give them all this opportunity to play the great American sport of softball. We look forward to providing a fun and rewarding experience for our players in the future.

Thank you for your support.”

Randy Novick

Please contact us. We are waiting for you to become a sponsor, volunteer or just a fan